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◆ Our History
Changee Medical Devices Co., Ltd . is a high-tech and comprehensive enterprise integrating medicine, medical devices and instruments R&D, manufacturing and sales. It is a double-certificate enterprise with "Drug production license" and "Medical device production license", established in 2005, with registered capital 229 million Yuan, 67 patents, and occupying an area of 117 acres, specializes in design, manufacture and sales on injection pen for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other injection liquid.
◆ Our Factory
ChanGee specializes in pen injectors, provides targeted development business of drug delivery system specialized in all kinds of bio-pharmaceuticals, gene pharmaceuticals for companies in the injection pen manufacturing industry, such as insulin, auxin, interferon, cosmetic peptides, anti-biochemical first aid, haemostatic analgesics, detoxification, antipyretic analgesic, anesthesia analgesic, muscle building, etc.. Up to present, we have long-term cooperation with a number of pharmaceutical companies from India, Russia, Europe and North America.
To ensure products developed in high-difficulty and high-precision technology direction, ChanGee not only use precision computer injection molding machine, foreign precision measuring instruments and advanced mold CNC manufacturing equipment, but also own strong technical force to independently complete precision plastic mold manufacturing.
◆ Our Product
Products including insulin injection pen, exenatide pen, semaglutide pen, disposable injection pen, reusable pen device, auto injector, first aid pen, smart injection pen, pen syringe, pre-filled injector, pen injector, disposable insulin pen, hgh injection pen etc.
◆ Product Application
Widely used in insulin, hgh growth hormone, genotropin somatropin, liraglutide, exenatide and other peptides, insulin glargine, insulin aspartate and other insulin preparations, auxin, interferon and other biological agents.
◆ Our Certificate
GMP, ISO, Design patents, medical device manufacturing and sales certificate.
◆ Production Equipment
Horizontal Vertical machine, injection molding machines, mold manufacturing machines, CCD image machine, detector projector, cold box, electric blast drying machine, CNC etc.
◆ Production Market
Our products mainly sold in Russia, Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.
◆ Our Service
ChanGee provides professional one-stop services on pen injector design, mold development, injection molding, finished product assembly and etc.
A special team will be engaged to a project before it is started, certain team member will be responsible for designated jobs till customers receive all products. Technical members and commercial staff will work togather to help clients on after-sales problems.Smart Injection Syringe suppliers

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